Covid-19 Update

29th December:

As we find ourselves across Staffordshire and Derbyshire  remaining in tier three, the restrictions on numbers at funerals and within our offices remain the same. We hope there is not too much change progressing into the new year, however, we are expecting tougher restrictions for the beginning of 2021. We will do our best to keep you updated as soon as anything changes
and will always strive to maintain the high standard of service we offer. Wishing you all comfort over new year.

From all of the Murray's team

2nd November:

England has introduced new lockdown measures for at least one month moving forward into November. This has only strengthened the reasons for the special measures Murray's has put into place to keep all families safe whilst in our care and of course all mourners when attending a funeral service with us. If you are thinking of arranging a funeral and are not sure about the numbers or rules at the crematorium or cemetery, please give us a call and we'd be happy to answer any questions or worries you may have.

From all of the Murray's team

28th October:

Derbyshire and Staffordshire have recently been moved into Tier 2, although this has some effects on how we live day to day, this has not changed any rules in Funeral. 

Something that has been highlighted from the government, The rules surrounding funeral catering in Tier 1 and 2 state the maximum amount to gather at a funeral wake is 15 people. As the rules are the same moving into tier 2 this has no further impact.

From all of the Murray's team

29th July:

Due to the new recommendations from the government regarding Track and Trace, we are now asking all of our families to provide an address list of all mourners attending the funeral. This information list will only be kept by us for 21 days, after which the information will be disposed of in line with GDPR.

We have been conducting funerals in many different churches and it's lovely to be back. Although singing hymns is still not permitted in church, it has allowed us to offer some lovely reflective songs in their place. Murray's have a sound system available to ensure music can be played in any church (or at graveside) irrespective of the church's facilities.  

Markeaton crematorium will be allowing cremated remains scatterings from 3rd August onwards. They will also be by appointment only. Please get in touch with us if this is something you are now thinking of doing or were unable to do in recent months. 

From all of the Murray's team

20th July:

Murray's are now proud to say we are able to offer our limousines. We decided to fit our vehicles with a bespoke protective screen last month so we would be ready once guidelines permitted this service. We do require face coverings to be worn by all passengers and Antibacterial gel will be provided for all traveling. 

Murray's have made a short video describing the processes around visiting our funeral homes and traveling with us on  the day of the funeral. Please visit our home page on our website for all the safety information you need.

Fradley crematorium have changed the numbers permitted to attend a service in their chapel. The numbers now allow 20 mourners inside the chapel and 10 mourners to stand outside the chapel under the canopy with the doors to the chapel open.

From all of the Murray's team

2nd July:

The numbers at the crematoriums and Cemeteries have increased ands have increased. We have listed these numbers clearly below. 


Markeaton Crematorium - Main Chapel 30 mourners - 10 mourners - Curtains are still required to close during the service. 

Bretby Crematorium - Carnarvon Chapel 24 mourners - Anglesey Chapel 14 mourners - Curtains are still required to close during the service.

Fradley Crematorium - 18 mourners - Curtains are still required to close during the service.

Trent Valley Crematorium - 24 mourners - Curtains are still required to close during the service.


Grave side service at Stapenhill Cemetery - 10 mourners (service still limited to 5-10 minutes)

Grave side service at Nottingham Road Cemetery - 10 mourners (service is to be kept brief)


Most churches are permitting 30 mourners where the church can safely hold this number.

From all of the Murray's team

22th June:

Bretby Crematorium are now allowing cremated remains scattering and interments to happen. This is by appointment only to spread the amount of families visiting throughout the day. Please get in touch with Murray's so we can assist you in making these arrangements.

From all of the Murray's team

15th June:

Some churches are now re-opening for Weddings and Funerals. The number of mourners allowed in church is maximum of 30, however, not every church will be able to allow for this capacity. 
- There will be no singing of hymns or chanting allowed during the service and social distancing will be observed between social bubbles. 

- Church's contact points, pews and lecterns will be cleaned after every funeral service to ensure the church is safe for private prayer.

- We are still sadly not able to offer our limousines to families traveling to and from services, however we are working hard on this and hope to update you with some good news soon. 

From all of the Murray's team


Due to the recent COVID rates and numbers nationwide starting to fall, the crematorium and cemetery grounds have been re-opened to the public. This means tending graves at Cemeteries and Church Yards will now be permitted. Although the numbers in the crematorium chapels have not increased, mourners are allowed to gather outside the Chapel entrance to pay their respects whilst observing social distancing. A strong recommendation from the crematoriums do suggest that these mourners should disperse soon after the funeral service has started. 

Scattering and interring cremated remains is still something that Crematorium, Cemetery or clergy members are able to consider.

From all of the Murray's team

20th April:

The government guidelines and rules surrounding funerals have not changed much in the last month. Cemeteries and Crematorium's grounds have been made private for funeral services only. This means only the funeral procession and following family cars will gain entry to the grounds. The number allowed to attend chapels and gravesides have  remained the same consistent. We continue to work hard ensuring as many wishes are followed as possible. We thank all of the Cemetery and Crematorium staff​ for their hard work.

From all of the Murray's team

31st March:

Here is some more information to keep you updated:

·         Through new guidelines we are now allowed to sign paperwork on a family's behalf through electronic permissions.  For any families that are unable to do so online we are still offering our service whereby any necessary paperwork that needs to be signed will, where possible, be personally delivered to your home with limited contact.

·         We have also heard from our local florists that have tirelessly been working to secure a wider range of fresh flowers, which are now able to offer with a weeks notice.

From all of the Murray's team

25th March:

Important Information on funeral guidelines in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.  This is an unprecedented time so please be aware the below may change on a daily basis in conjunction with the release of new government guidelines.  We will do our best to keep you updated. As a long standing, responsible business in your community, we want to reassure you that our commitment to you and your loved one remains steadfast.

·         Places of worship.  All places of worship are now closed. 


·         Crematoria.  Short services can take place at local crematoriums. They all have their own guidelines in place, which we will be able to discuss with you in your time of need; however it is fair to say that they are restricting numbers on average to twelve persons and social distancing is paramount.  Hymn books have been removed and curtains must close around the coffin.


·         Web Cast.  The crematoriums are providing a web cast facility so that family and friends who cannot attend can view the funeral service.  


·         Burial Grounds.  Also adhering to government guidelines, again numbers are restricted and social distancing essential.  Clergy or celebrants are able to be in attendance, it is important to know that due to considerably reduced timing allowed in the cemetery the service content has to be kept very brief.


·         Clergy and Celebrants.  We work closely with our clergy and celebrants and they are still wanting to offer comfort and services within the guidelines set by the government and their relevant authorities.  On request they will contact you by telephone at the time of need to discuss their role.


·         Our services.  We respectfully ask that you contact us in the first instance by telephone, using any of our branch telephone numbers.  We continue to offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week service.  Funerals will be arranged by telephone along with emails.  Any necessary paperwork that needs to be signed will, where possible, be personally delivered to your home with limited face to face contact.


·         Chapel of Rest.  We understand the need for family to be able to sit with and say ‘goodbye’ to a loved one and this is still possible with a pre-arranged appointment which we will respectively limit to two persons per visit.


·         Transport.  We are currently unable to offer a limousine as part of our service.  We will be pleased to start from a local home address with our hearse and funeral director, or if you prefer we will meet you at the crematorium or burial ground.


·         Floral tributes.  Some of our florists have had to close, so we have a very limited selection of fresh flowers available. If you wish we can supply a generic silk coffin spray in spring colours so the coffin is not bare.


·         Memorial service.  Once restrictions have been lifted we would be pleased to assist you with organising a memorial service where a loved one's life can be remembered/celebrated with family and friends.


You, along with your loved one, remain our priority and we are trying to carry out our role in the community with the care, respect and dignity we have always prided ourselves on.


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