Murray’s Day Out

Here at Murray’s we pride ourselves on being more like a family than a business, largely thanks to the care and commitment demonstrated by every member of the team. Due to this, we enjoy many annual events together, the most recent of which being the Bowls Tournament at the Burton Constitutional Club on 11th August.

Every other year, members of the Murray’s team bring along family and friends to take part in a knuckle-clenching, nail-biting, adrenaline-filled day of crown green bowling and this year was no different. The day started with some relaxed games to get the tournament going, with participants ranging from complete novices to award-winning veterans. After some tense moments, the leader board had been established and the ones to watch were firmly on everybody’s radar.

Before the pressure became too much to bear, we enjoyed a delicious buffet provided by the wonderful Repton Tea Rooms, which certainly diffused the tension that was mounting ahead of the grand finale. As the day drew to a close, all that was left was a final match to decide the winner. The last-remaining competitors were Rosie Coulton, Becky Skinner, Brian Alford and the woman herself, Sue Barke. Standards were incredibly high and onlookers watched in amazement as the scores slowly crept up, but in the end we were delighted to award first prize to Becky and Brian who proved themselves to be a cut above the rest.

Special consideration must also go out to our very own Barry Saville, who received the Wooden Spoon for scoring the fewest number of points across the day. Better luck next time, Barry – it’s the taking part that counts!

Thank you to everyone who came along to support this event and of course the Burton Constitutional Club for accommodating us so hospitably yet again.

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