Burton Heroes Awards

Every day we are fortunate enough to work with people that remind us of what a special place Burton is but each year we get to celebrate this officially at the Burton Mail Heroes Awards, where outstanding members of our community are commended for the things they do for others.

When hearing about the sacrifices and achievements made by those involved in the awards, we are always awed and inspired, which is why we have been sponsoring the event for the past few years. This year, Murray’s sponsored the Achievement Against All Odds Award and as a sponsor we were fortunate enough to be part of the selection process. As always, it seems an impossible task to choose just one person from a list of such outstanding and deserving young people and it goes without saying that all of those who have been shortlisted are worthy of an award.

This year, after much deliberation, Sue Barke and the rest of the committee chose Jyoti Shah as the worthy winner after being blown away by her achievements. Mrs Shah is a surgeon in Burton and was being celebrated for setting up the Inspire Health – Fighting Prostate Cancer Campaign, which encourages hundreds of men to have life-saving cancer checks. Before becoming a surgeon, Mrs Shah overcame personal challenges, including cultural pressures, and is now one of just two female surgeons at Burton Hospital. Alongside her work in the hospital and her Inspire Health Campaign, Mrs Shah also works to encourage other women to enter the profession.

As a sponsor, Sue represented Murray’s to present this award and was honoured to congratulate Mrs Shah in person. We will continue to follow her achievements and look forward to seeing what else she accomplishes in this critical field.

Many thanks to the Burton Mail, who organise this fantastic event; all staff at the Pirelli Stadium, who hosted an exceptional evening; and, of course, for all of the individuals and organisations shortlisted this year.

(Image: Burton Mail, Geoff Ford)

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