Sagamatha Explorer Scouts

At Murray’s we are always eager to share what we do so we often visit groups and organisations to talk about our work. This can be for a variety of reasons, from educating members of the medical profession to informing young people about what the profession entails.

At the end of November, Danny Barke visited an Explorer Scouts group in Derbyshire to do just that. He was invited to talk to the members about his job and what the funeral industry is like as a career. As a former Scout himself, Danny was keen to share with the group how some of the skills he learned there have contributed to his profession. Danny showed the group some items, such as the hearse, which was a particular point of interest. He was delighted to see how interested the Scouts were and how many questions they asked – although some of the leaders showed more enthusiasm than the teenagers at times! The evening turned from a more formal presentation to a casual chat as Danny shared his experiences and the Scouts quizzed him about certain aspects of the role.

This was a great opportunity for Murray’s to raise awareness of the profession and the funeral process; we always value opportunities to be involved in the community and talk about the job we love.

If you would like Murray's to visit your group or organisation or know someone who would, let the Murray's team know!


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