Thank You- We’ve raised an AMAZING £689 for Alzheimer's

We have now totalled all the donations received from Murray’s Memory walk and would like to send a big thank you to all those who gave money on the day of sent it in afterwards, the final count was £274.

We made a trip to the Alzheimer’s Society to give them the cheque and they couldn’t thank us enough. Ollie Larkin, pictured here with Sue Barke, said “Just £30 can provide 250 microscope slides, used in labs to study the earliest changes that lead to dementia and enable critical discoveries, so we are extremely grateful to everyone who donates. Each single donation makes a difference.”

This donation brings our total to £689 given to Alzheimer’s Society, our chosen charity this year. Thank you to everyone who has given donations on the events we’ve held; we really appreciate your support.

After our walk we indulged ourselves with copious amounts of tea, coffee and cake!

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