Julie King - A Lovely Lady

Murray’s have known Julie for many years. We first met Julie when she would walk her dog and wave hello as she went past our office in Burton.

Since Julie has found herself less mobile over the past few years, she has been keeping herself occupied by knitting beautiful blankets for young children. Julie is completely self-taught and even through lockdown has learned new patterns and expanded her range.

Although Julie donates a large proportion of her blankets - and has been donating to Murray’s for a number of years - they are available to be purchased, with the proceeds going towards more cotton and materials to make more

blankets. If you do choose to buy a handmade blanket from Julie, it will be gift-wrapped in a way that was actually inspired by a bouquet of flowers she received from Sue at Murray’s many years ago!

Julie also relies on companies making donations towards materials and includes a company name tag on each blanket. Julie is a true inspiration and incredibly generous with her time. We could use a lot more Julies in our world.

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